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RCS Helpline leaflet

What is sexual violence?
What can the RCS Helpline do for me?
How can I get in touch?
This leaflet answers these questions and more.

Filename: RCShelplineleaf0916-AW2nd-Proof.pdf
File size: 1764KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland rape sexual-violence
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Drug assisted sexual violence

Rape Crisis Scotland information leaflet on drug assisted sexual violence

Filename: 02-drug-01web.pdf
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Tags: drugs sexual-violence
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Preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women: taking action and generating evidence

Intimate partner and sexual violence affect a large proportion of the population – with the majority of those directly experiencing such violence being women and the majority perpetrating it being men.

This document aims to provide sufficient information for policy-makers and planners to develop data-driven and evidence-based programmes for preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women.

Filename: Preventing-20Intimate-20Partner-20and-20Sexual-20Violence-20Against-20Women1.pdf
File size: 1002KB
Tags: sexual-violence
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Unlocking sexual abuse and learning disabilities

The booklet, prepared by ENABLE Scotland, is for parents, carers or support workers of adults with learning disabilites. It covers how to support someone who has been sexually abused and lists sources of help and support.

Filename: enable-abusebooklet-handbook.pdf
File size: 1987KB
Tags: sexual-violence
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Yes You Can! Working with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (2nd edition)

Yes You Can! has been developed for people working with, or likely to be working with, survivors of childhood sexual abuse. People present to frontline services with a range of issues which may relate to childhood sexual abuse and this booklet has a particular focus on the impact that childhood sexual abuse can have on mental health and wellbeing. Not all survivors need, or wish, medical intervention, and many seek counselling and support services. This booklet aims to support people working in a wide range of services to gain a better understanding of the needs of people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, how best to raise this sensitive issue, and how to respond in an appropriate andsupportive way.

Filename: YesYouCan.pdf
File size: 307KB
Tags: sexual-violence child-sexual-abuse
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Surviving sexual abuse: an easy-read guide

A guide produced by ENABLE Scotland in easy-read format for adults with learning disabilities who have experienced sexual abuse. It describes what sexual abuse is, how people can protect themselves from abuse and what they can do if they have been abused.

Filename: enable-abusebooklet-easyread.pdf
File size: 1279KB
Tags: sexual-violence

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