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Working to end sexual violence

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Supporting LGBTQ+ Survivors

Reaching out to a helpline can be difficult for anyone, and we know that LGBTQ+ survivors can face additional barriers to support which can make reaching out that bit harder. The Rape Crisis Scotland helpline supports survivors of all genders and sexualities. Every person that contacts our helpline, regardless of their background or identity, is met with specialised support tailored to their individual needs. We're proud to be inclusive, and we want all survivors to know that our helpline is a safe space. We spoke with Annie and Rona, two Support Workers from our helpline team, to find out what they want LGBTQ+ survivors to know. How do you create a safe space for LGBTQ+ survivors?Annie: We don’t make assumptions about any survivors, and that includes assumptions about their gender and sexuality, the gender of their partner and the nature of the assault. We let survivors lead and we just ask for as much information as we need to be able to support them. Rona: We always

3 reasons why writing to our helpline might work for you

  Reaching out to a helpline can be difficult. When you feel ready to take that step, there are lots of different ways to get in touch. What is the Rape Crisis Scotland helpline? We run a helpline for anyone aged 13+ affected by sexual violence, no matter what happened or how long ago. Helpline Support Workers offer initial, short-term, and crisis support, and can make referrals to your local Rape Crisis Centre for longer-term support. The helpline is open daily from 5pm - midnight, 365 days a year. We support people of all genders, and can provide support and information to family, friends and supporters too.You can contact our helpline by phone, text, email or webchat. Email and webchat support is free and texts will be charged at your normal network rate. Please note that our text number will display on your bill. 📲 07537 410 027 [our text number will display on your bill]💻 [webchat]✉️ Why write to

The Nationality and Borders Bill Threatens The Safety and Rights of Already Marginalised Women

The hostile environment policies of Westminster are designed to do exactly what they say on the tin; create such dangerous and inhumane conditions that migrants who are here feel pushed to leave and individuals fleeing abuse, conflict and persecution seek their right to asylum elsewhere. Repeatedly, these policies have been found to breach human and legal rights. There is already overwhelming evidence that illustrates the barriers created by these policies for migrant women who have experience domestic abuse, rape or sexual assault. These policies create conditions where many migrant women feel even more trapped in their circumstances and unable to access support. Thankfully, many organisations, in particular those focused on racially minoritised women, have repeatedly gone above and beyond to provide access to support for women experiencing these migration conditions. The Nationality and Borders Bill (currently being debated in the House of Lords) takes the current hostile

Specialist sexual violence services save lives

We have very real concerns that the recommendations made in this funding review will be a step backwards for the Rape Crisis movement in Scotland.

3 reasons why writing to our helpline might work for you

We spoke with some survivors who contacted our helpline in writing to find out why they chose to get in touch with this way.

Survivor Activism in the Highlands

An interview with survivor activist Lorna on the zine workshop and her fundraiser.

When we talk about sexual violence, we must remember that survivors are in the room.

This blog builds on the SRG podcast episode about the public conversation around sexual violence.

"To all of the women and girls out there, I stand with you" - Reflections From A Survivor

Reflections From A Survivor

"It was a feeling of being exactly where I needed to be" - C's Story

A survivor's experience of reaching out for support, and her experience of advocacy support

A Letter From A Survivor

This letter to Rape Crisis Scotland is shared - with the consent of the author - in the hope it may encourage others to reach out for support.

Without Justice - Willow's Story

A survivor reflects on how the criminal justice system failed her (Photo credit: Zero Tolerance)

Speaking Truth To Power - The Survivor Reference Group

A blog to mark the publication of the Survivor Reference Group Initial Report.

Letter to Boris Johnson

Esme, a survivor of child sexual abuse, addresses harmful comments made about CSA by Boris Johnson.

2.8 wasted years and grief that I will carry forever

This guest blog by survivor Hannah explores the impact of the Not Proven impact.

Scottish justice system places a higher value on Rolex watches than on raped women and children

This guest blog looks at survivors' access to justice relative to other crimes.

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