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Trauma: everyone's business

As a country, Scotland is talking more and more about trauma and that's Trauma informed orgs good news for all of us.

The ambition and commitment of the Scottish Government to develop a trauma informed workforce makes it clear that trauma is everyone’s business.

From hairdressers to health care professionals, Sheriffs to shopkeepers, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, there’s every chance that you will encounter someone who has experienced trauma. When – not if - you do, being trauma informed means that you can make the world of difference to that person, and together we can change Scotland for the better.

The Jamal decision: significant new appeal judgement on corroboration of penetration in rape cases

Scales of justice picture

In the recent case of Jamal v HM Advocate [2019] HCJAC 22, the High Court decided that an allegation of sexual assault could corroborate an allegation of rape despite the fact that only the rape charge involved an allegation of penetration. This is an important decision which may reduce the extent to which the corroboration requirement is a barrier to bringing prosecutions for rape in some cases.

The Jamal decision

Jamal was convicted of three sexual offences: a sexual assault committed against one victim (“CQ”), and a rape and a sexual assault committed on different dates against another victim (“KL”).

Standing up for rape crisis services

It’s hard to describe the feeling of waking up to a flurry of notifications on Twitter claiming Rape Crisis to be protecting abusive men when our very existence is to support and improve responses to survivors of sexual violence.

Nothing has changed and yet everything has changed.

We at Rape Crisis are no strangers to debate; we spend much of our time advocating for change in a society that still jokes about rape, a country where sexual comments are thrown out of passing cars at girls as young as seven as they walk home from school. But this isn’t business as usual, and as conversations around the Gender Recognition Act become increasingly worrying, let us set something straight.

Letter to Boris Johnson

Survivor Esme Johnson recently published an open letter on Twitter in BJresponse to comments made by Boris Johnson about investigations into historic cases of child sexual abuse.

Rape Crisis Scotland is grateful for her permission to reproduce here a slightly abridged version of her powerful message.

[*Content warning for explicit references to acts of sexual violence]

It’s been a few weeks now since your illuminating interview on LBC Radio.

I thought it better to wait to respond until I was able to use inoffensive language. It’s a shame that you did not similarly take a moment’s pause to do the same before that interview.

Artemisia Gentileschi: transcendent survivor

Bridgeton lived up to its name last week as a unique presence took up Artemisiatemporary residence in one of its most treasured institutions, bringing together as she did so the culture of 17th century Italy with contemporary Scotland.

Since her painting ‘Self-portrait as St Catherine of Alexandria’ went on display last Wednesday, Artemisia Gentileschi has cast her quiet glance over the many visitors who have stopped by the Glasgow Women’s Library to see what all the fuss is about, and has generated many discussions about the significance of that glance, and much else.