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Evidencing sexual assault

Drawing on recent research conducted in Scottish criminal courts, this article discusses the evidencing of sexual crimes through victim testimony. Despite significant reforms, complainers in sexual offence trials still find the process traumatic; the amount of sexual evidence introduced into the trial has increased; and the nature of such evidence draws on pervasive and outmoded rape myths.

Filename: Evidencing-Sexual-Assault-Burman.pdf
File size: 242KB
Tags: research
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Complainant credibility and general expert witness testimony in rape trials: exploring and influencing mock juror perceptions by Ellison L and Munro V, 2009

Examines a range of preconceptions held by jurors as to the demeanour and behaviour of rape complainers, and the impact that educating jurors around these issues can have.

Filename: Briefing-Report-Munro.pdf
File size: 342KB
Tags: legal research
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Challenging Men's Demand for Prostitution in Scotland, Women’s Support Project, 2008

A research report based on 110 interviews with men who bought women in prostitution.

Filename: Challenging-Men-s-Demand.pdf
File size: 329KB
Tags: research prostitution

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