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Supporting LGBTI survivors of sexual violence

Rape Crisis Scotland support resource for LGBTI survivors of sexual violence

Filename: RCS-001-LGBTI-A5booklet-02web.pdf
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Tags: lgbti
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Asylum & Humanitarian Protection for LGB people

Stonewall leaflet about the LGBT community and claiming asylum.

Filename: stoasylum-guide.pdf
File size: 1610KB
Tags: lgbti
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Sexual violence and gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer communities

Although the vast majority of literature and research on sexual violence has focused on the experiences of heterosexual women, a burgeoning body of work has highlighted the occurrence of sexual violence within and against gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer (GLBTIQ) communities. Research suggests that members of GLBTIQ communities may face significant levels of abuse, harassment and violence (Leonard, Mitchell, Pitts, Patel, & Fox, 2008; NSW Attorney General's Department [NSW AGD], 2003). Experiencing sexual or physical violence, or other forms of abuse and victimisation, is often associated with a range of negative health and social outcomes - such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, suicide, and drug and alcohol abuse (Ryan & Rivers, 2003). However, it should also be recognised that members of GLBTIQ communities show great resilience in the face of social exclusion, discrimination and abuse (Scourfield, Roen, & McDermott, 2008).

Documenting the violence experienced by GLBTIQ communities is an important step towards acknowledging the harm caused by this violence, ensuring that adequate and appropriate support services are provided (Duke & Davidson, 2009), and ultimately, preventing violence. There remains, however, only limited research on sexual violence in or against GLBTIQ communities.

Filename: rs3.pdf
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Tags: lgbti
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Lesbian & Bisexual women looking for support?

Postcard for lesbian & bisexual women looking for support.

Filename: RCS-001-postcard06-02-RGB-lesbian.pdf
File size: 246KB
Tags: lgbti
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Transgender looking for support?

Postcard for transgender people looking for support

Filename: RCS-001-postcard-02RGB-trans.pdf
File size: 243KB
Tags: lgbti
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Intersex people looking for support?

Postcard for intersex people looking for support

Filename: RCS-001-postcard-02RGB-intersex.pdf
File size: 242KB
Tags: lgbti
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Gay & Bisexual Men looking for support?

Postcard for gay & bisexual men looking for support

Filename: RCS-001-postcard-02RGB-gay.pdf
File size: 244KB
Tags: lgbti
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The Coral Project Interim Report

The Coral Project: Exploring Abusive Behaviours in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/or Transgender Relationships - Interim Report September 2014

Filename: Coral-Project-Interim-Report-Sept-2014-FINAL-VERSION2.pdf
File size: 1772KB
Tags: lgbti
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Stronger together

Guidance for single sex services on the inclusion of transgender women.

Filename: single-sex-service-trans-guidance.pdf
File size: 381KB
Tags: lgbti
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Second class citizens, second class women

The impact of gender inequality and commercial sexual exploitation on transsexual women. This report (published 2012), by Amy Roch, LGBT Youth Project, LGBT Youth Scotland, emerged from research undertaken as part of an exchange fellowship with the Centre for Research on Families & Relationships, University of Edinburgh.

Filename: Second-class-citizens-pdf.pdf
File size: 372KB
Tags: lgbti

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