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Literature review

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The Rape & Sexual Assault of Men: Literature Review

The Rape & Sexual Assault of Men: a review of the literature.

Filename: The-rape-and-sexual-assault-of-men--A-review-of-the-literature.pdf
File size: 697KB
Tags: male-survivors
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The pros and cons of providing dedicated sexual violence services: a literature review

Rape Crisis Scotland (RCS) commissioned this literature review in the context of considering the extent to which the national RCS helpline is integrated with local rape crisis centres in Scotland.

This is connected to development work by RCS to clearly specify how the organisation, national and locally, supports survivors of sexual violence and how that might be quality assured. This is important for ensuring high quality services but also for considering future funding in a context of reduced resources and in which other organisations, generic and specialist, also support survivors of sexual violence.

The review considers the pros and cons of providing dedicated sexual violence services. It also summarises information about the nature of sexual violence; the response in Scotland; and what survivors want.

Filename: SVservices-lit-review-1.pdf
File size: 250KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland