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Reporting rape: victim perspectives on advocacy support in the criminal justice process

Concerns about the criminal justice response to rape have prompted the development of victim 1 advocacy services across a range of jurisdictions, yet research evidence aboutthe nature, meaning and value of advocacy remains limited. This paper draws upon a study evaluating an innovative advocacy model introduced in Scotland to assist reporting rape to the police. Findings from interviews with nine victims highlight the importance of advocacy that is independent of statutory and criminal justice agencies. However, it is argued that this does not mitigate the need for specialisation or reform in the criminal justice response to rape and, further, that the distinction between advocacy at an individual and societal level represents a false dichotomy.

Link: http://eprints.gla.ac.uk/122862/
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Sexualisation of Young People, by Dr Linda Papadopoulos

Violence against women and girls is unacceptable, whatever the circumstances and whatever the context. In March 2009, the government launched the Together We Can End Violence Against Women and Girls consultation in order to raise awareness of the problem and explore policy proposals and ideas designed to help prevent violence against women and girls. This report forms part of that consultation.

Filename: SexualisationOfYoungPeople.pdf
File size: 1581KB
Tags: sexualisation
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Evidencing sexual assault

Drawing on recent research conducted in Scottish criminal courts, this article discusses the evidencing of sexual crimes through victim testimony. Despite significant reforms, complainers in sexual offence trials still find the process traumatic; the amount of sexual evidence introduced into the trial has increased; and the nature of such evidence draws on pervasive and outmoded rape myths.

Filename: Evidencing-Sexual-Assault-Burman.pdf
File size: 242KB
Tags: research
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This Is Not An Invitation To Rape Me: Final Evaluation Report

The Final Evaluation Report of Rape Crisis Scotland's national public awareness campaign "This Is Not An Invitation To Rape Me".

Filename: TINAITRM-final-evaluation.pdf
File size: 562KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Independent legal representation for complainers in sexual offence trials: a research report

RCS commissioned this research against a backdrop where there have been long standing concerns about the response of the Scottish legal system to complainers of sexual offences. Women in contact with rape crisis centres do not speak highly of their experience of the justice process. Particular difficulties arise in relation to their status as a witness of the crime perpetrated against them, and the role of the Crown Office in acting in the public interest: women consistently tell rape crisis that they feel throughout the process that there is no one representing their interests.

This report considers the features of Scottish criminal procedure and evidence that exacerbate the problems currently facing complainers and that shape the response the criminal justice system can currently make. It explores how independent legal representation operates in other jurisdictions and considers the feasibility of its introduction in Scotland.

Filename: IndLegalRepReport-2010.pdf
File size: 552KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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This Is Not An Invitation To Rape Me testing report

Report on testing carried out by Progressive on behalf of Rape Crisis Scotland prior to the running of the campaign

Filename: TINAITRM-Testing-Report.pdf
File size: 970KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Complainant credibility and general expert witness testimony in rape trials: exploring and influencing mock juror perceptions by Ellison L and Munro V, 2009

Examines a range of preconceptions held by jurors as to the demeanour and behaviour of rape complainers, and the impact that educating jurors around these issues can have.

Filename: Briefing-Report-Munro.pdf
File size: 342KB
Tags: legal research
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Challenging Men's Demand for Prostitution in Scotland, Women’s Support Project, 2008

A research report based on 110 interviews with men who bought women in prostitution.

Filename: Challenging-Men-s-Demand.pdf
File size: 329KB
Tags: research prostitution