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Survivor Reference Group - Initial Report

The Initial Report from the Survivor Reference Group, a group of survivors from across Scotland who have had some engagement with the justice process advocating for change.

Filename: SRG---First-Meeting-recommends-booklet-pages.pdf
File size: 5967KB
Tags: report, survivor reference group, change, justice,
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Sexual violence and gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer communities

Although the vast majority of literature and research on sexual violence has focused on the experiences of heterosexual women, a burgeoning body of work has highlighted the occurrence of sexual violence within and against gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer (GLBTIQ) communities. Research suggests that members of GLBTIQ communities may face significant levels of abuse, harassment and violence (Leonard, Mitchell, Pitts, Patel, & Fox, 2008; NSW Attorney General's Department [NSW AGD], 2003). Experiencing sexual or physical violence, or other forms of abuse and victimisation, is often associated with a range of negative health and social outcomes - such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, suicide, and drug and alcohol abuse (Ryan & Rivers, 2003). However, it should also be recognised that members of GLBTIQ communities show great resilience in the face of social exclusion, discrimination and abuse (Scourfield, Roen, & McDermott, 2008).

Documenting the violence experienced by GLBTIQ communities is an important step towards acknowledging the harm caused by this violence, ensuring that adequate and appropriate support services are provided (Duke & Davidson, 2009), and ultimately, preventing violence. There remains, however, only limited research on sexual violence in or against GLBTIQ communities.

Filename: rs3.pdf
File size: 1203KB
Tags: lgbti
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Engender: ICESCR - UK - Shadow Report

Engender - United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights - UK - Shadow Report. Sixth periodic report of the government of the United Kingdom on measures taken to give effect to ICESCR.

Filename: Engender-shadow-report-ICESCR-UK.pdf
File size: 777KB
Tags: international
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The Coral Project Interim Report

The Coral Project: Exploring Abusive Behaviours in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/or Transgender Relationships - Interim Report September 2014

Filename: Coral-Project-Interim-Report-Sept-2014-FINAL-VERSION2.pdf
File size: 1772KB
Tags: lgbti
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Second class citizens, second class women

The impact of gender inequality and commercial sexual exploitation on transsexual women. This report (published 2012), by Amy Roch, LGBT Youth Project, LGBT Youth Scotland, emerged from research undertaken as part of an exchange fellowship with the Centre for Research on Families & Relationships, University of Edinburgh.

Filename: Second-class-citizens-pdf.pdf
File size: 372KB
Tags: lgbti
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Tackling female genital mutilation in Scotland: a Scottish model of intervention

Report released by the Scottish Refugee Council on tackling FGM in Scotland. Contains some information on numbers potentially affected in Scotland and highlights the fact that the data currently available does not provide a detailed picture. The report also explores how other European countries have developed approaches to protect girls and support FGM survivors.

Filename: Tackling-FGM-in-Scotland-Report-2014.pdf
File size: 1039KB
Tags: fgm
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Women and girls at risk: evidence across the life course

Authors: Di McNeish & Sara Scott. The review looked across the life course of women and girls who experience poor outcomes (offending, homelessness, prostitution and exploitation, chronic mental health and substance abuse) and whilst highlighting significant gaps in the evidence in this area, drew out key messages.

Filename: Women---Girls-at-Risk---Evidence-Review-040814.pdf
File size: 648KB
Tags: violence-against-women
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Virtual world, real fear

In September 2013 Women’s Aid hosted a conference to discuss the impact of online stalking and harassment on women. The conference aimed to demonstrate the intrinsic link between online abuse, harassment and stalking, and domestic violence as part of a pattern of behaviours by perpetrators. The conference also explored the fear that online abuse, harassment and stalking created and the impact it had on women. This report draws out the key themes from the conference and makes recommendations for Government, social media providers and criminal justice agencies.

Filename: Women-s-Aid-Virtual-World-Real-Fear-Feb-2014.pdf
File size: 2282KB
Tags: violence-against-women
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Asylum-seeking women, violence and health

Asylum-Seeking Women, Violence & Health: Results from a Pilot Study in Scotland and Belgium, 2009

Filename: Asylum-Seeking-Women-Violence-and-Health.pdf
File size: 612KB
Tags: violence-against-women
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Support for survivors of sexual violence: the rape crisis response

This report outlines the findings of a review into rape crisis services in Scotland. The review considered the nature of the rape crisis support services available to survivors, the effectiveness of these services and gaps in current provision.

Filename: Support-for-survivors-report.pdf
File size: 456KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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An Assault on our Future - the impact of violence on young people and their relationships, by Michael Flood and Lara Fergus

A White Ribbon Foundation Report.
This report examines how violence against women specifically affects children and young people. It looks at the nature of violence they experience in their homes and their own relationships, its impacts, and the priorities for action if efforts to prevent violence among, and protect, young people are to be successful.

Filename: AssaultOnOurFutureFinal.pdf
File size: 1074KB
Tags: children young-people
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Report of the APA Taskforce on the sexualisation of girls: Executive Summary

Executive summary of the report produced by the American Psychological Association on the sexualisation of girls.

Filename: APAreport-summary.pdf
File size: 151KB
Tags: sexualisation
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Responding to Gender-based violence in Scotland

Paper by Michele Burman, University of Glasgow, Jenny Johnstone, Newcastle University (both Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research) and Janette de Haan & Jan Macleod, Women's Support Project, looking at the Scope of the Gender Equality Duty to drive cultural and practical change.

Filename: responding-to-gender-based-violence-in-scotland-report.pdf
File size: 636KB
Tags: gender-equality-duty
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Spend Now, Save Later

The Scottish Women’s Budget Group has produced a concise analysis of the case for gender budget analysis in violence against women spending with ‘Spend Now, Save Later’.  The paper was commissioned by Scottish Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis Scotland and we hope it will inform the debate about how financial decisions should be made and highlight in particular the reasons why frontline services such as rape crisis and women’s aid need continued funding, and the costs of not funding these vital services.

Filename: Spend-Now-Save-later1.pdf
File size: 271KB
Tags: funding
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RCS Written Evidence on COPFS

Written evidence from Rape Crisis Scotland submitted to the Justice Committee's inquiry into the role and purpose of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

Filename: RCS.pdf
File size: 221KB
Tags: legal