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Working to end sexual violence

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Young people often tell us of sexual violence they experience in many areas of their lives – in relationships, peer groups, homes, education and work, on and offline.

Increasingly they tell us that sexual harassment, intimate image abuse, sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence are a problem.

Education on issues like consent, gender equality and healthy relationships is key to preventing sexual violence and to making lasting change.

These issues sit at the heart of our conversations with young people, which also create opportunities to let them know how they can access support if they need it, and that they’re not alone.


The national sexual violence prevention programme

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Our national sexual violence programme is funded by the Scottish Government to run workshops across Scotland on seven different topics adapted for four different age/stage groups.

This work is led by workers based in local rape crisis centres and places an emphasis on young people’s participation and leadership. Programmes are planned in partnership with schools and youth groups to best meet their needs. Our resource pack is evidence-based and has been externally evaluated.

For more information on prevention work in your area contact Isla Guild.



Equally Safe at School: a whole school approach

By working closely with the whole school community, and looking with them at all parts of their school system, we can support schools in addressing gender based violence and promoting equality.

Equally Safe at School is a whole school intervention which aims to positively influence the school culture by fostering a shared, consistent, preventative approach to gender based violence.

The intervention comprises six key parts; whole school assessments, a pupil-led action group, staff training, policy development, curricular enhancement and a pupil-led school campaign.

Underpinned by principles of equality, accessibility and safety, Equally Safe at School places young people’s voices at the forefront and works with them, as well as with school staff, to identify how schools can best prevent and respond to incidents and disclosures of gender based violence.

For more information on Equally Safe at School, please contact us.



Colleges and Universities

In colleges and universities, the Equally Safe in Higher Education toolkit takes a whole campus approach to gender-based violence.

The ESHE toolkit helps institutions to develop policies and protocols which are comprehensive and trauma-informed. Rape Crisis centres can offer ESHE staff training, student education programmes and other forms of support to their local colleges and universities.

With funding from the Scottish Government we are working actively with the university and college sector to support them to engage with their local centres and to improve the availability of vital support services to student survivors.

To find out how to access training, education or other services, or for any other information about colleges and universities, please get in touch.

For any other enquiries about our prevention work please contact

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