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Rape Crisis Scotland calls for immediate investigation into actions of Gordon Jackson QC

Protecting the anonymity of all people who report sexual crimes is of critical importance and is one of few reassurances that can be offered as part of an otherwise daunting and intimidating process. For this to be undermined by such a senior lawyer in a public place in such a high-profile trial is horrifying and completely unacceptable.

Jackson is Dean of the Faculty of Advocates and we cannot see how this behaviour – caught on film – is in keeping with the Faculty of Advocate’s own guidance on conduct. There should be an immediate investigation.

One of the most chilling aspects of this is Jackson’s statement about his strategy for the cross examination of one of the women in the trial: “All I need to do is put a smell on her.” This statement alone confirms the fears of many, many survivors who do not report for fear of what would be done to them in court. Trials should be based on evidence, not on smears and attacks on character. We need an urgent overhaul of how these cases are dealt with. - Spokesperson for Rape Crisis Scotland

Fully story broken in The Times today.