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Working to end sexual violence

Helpline 08088 010302


Supporting LGBTQ+ Survivors

Rainbow. Quote that reads "We want LGBTQ+ survivors to know that you are not alone. Your experience and your reaction to it is just as valid as anyone else's." - Annie, helpline support worker

The Vulnerability of Women With No Recourse to Public Funds, Sexual Violence and Exploitation

We live in a country that speaks so much of being tolerant, inclusive, and welcoming but this does not always match up with what is happening on the ground.

A Letter From A Survivor

Below is a letter - shared with the consent of a helpline caller - received by Rape Crisis Scotland, shared in the hope it may encourage others to reach out for support.

Finding A Way Through - Some Thoughts From Our Helpline

Hello! It goes without saying that these are really difficult and disruptive times. This is not what we are used to, it’s a time of fear and uncertainty and a hotbed for anxiety – it’s okay if you don’t feel okay.

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