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Working to end sexual violence

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3 reasons why writing to our helpline might work for you

3 reasons why writing to our helpline might work for you


Reaching out to a helpline can be difficult. When you feel ready to take that step, there are lots of different ways to get in touch.

What is the Rape Crisis Scotland helpline?

We run a helpline for anyone aged 13+ affected by sexual violence, no matter what happened or how long ago. Helpline Support Workers offer initial, short-term, and crisis support, and can make referrals to your local Rape Crisis Centre for longer-term support.

The helpline is open daily from 5pm - midnight, 365 days a year. We support people of all genders, and can provide support and information to family, friends and supporters too.

You can contact our helpline by phone, text, email or webchat.

Email and webchat support is free and texts will be charged at your normal network rate. Please note that our text number will display on your bill.

📲 07537 410 027 [our text number will display on your bill]
💻 [webchat]

Why write to the helpline?

There are lots of reasons why you might prefer to get in touch in writing. We spoke with some survivors who contacted our helpline via email, text and webchat, to find out more about why they chose to get in touch with this way.

1. It gives you more time and space to process

We all process information in our own ways and have our own preferred communication styles, but verbal communication comes more easily to some than to others.

If you struggle with speech or processing sensory information, writing to our helpline might be the solution for you:

“Verbal communication is tough at this moment in my life. I'm also autistic and it's easier for me to process via text.”

“I have a speech impediment so speaking on the phone is very difficult, normally I use Rely UK but I'd rather not for something like this so having the text line is great”

I am autistic and struggle with phone conversations”

“I'm autistic and sometimes I have trouble processing audio”

“I have trouble verbally communicating my feelings and thoughts and might leave something out or omit it as a precaution/response”

2. It can give you more privacy

Our helpline is confidential, and you don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to. But if you want to chat to us without being overheard, writing to us by text, email or webchat might be a good option for you:

I wasn't ready to tell my partner in the room yet”

“I have children and I didn’t want them to hear the content of the conversations.”

“It’s easier to text than talk when there are other people in the house… even though they know, I just don’t want them to hear me talking about it.”

3. It might be easier to write it down

Reaching out for support after sexual violence can be really difficult. You might decide to share experiences with us that you haven’t shared with anyone else, or even said out loud before. If a call seems daunting, writing it out could help:

“I don't think I would ever have had the courage to phone the helpline but putting it all down in writing was so much easier.”

It’s less intimidating; I can take my time go reply, and I can listen to or watch something else to help keep me calm.”

“I also like to think about what I need to say because I find it hard to speak about it out loud but I think the text service is helping me with that.”

“It was great feeling heard and supported, it really helped. I would never [have] dared to call, but a chat felt way less intimidating."

“I was nervous to talk over the phone and can’t think straight with my replies or I would get more emotional”

Email is great for when I am tired and sensitive and need to communicate more effectively and edit what I am saying and it's also good to have a written response to refer to.”


If you’d prefer to get in touch by phone, you can call us for free on 08088 01 03 02.

See our website for more information on our helpline and our helpline confidentiality policy.

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