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16% rise in reported rapes in Scotland

16% rise in reported rapes in Scotland

The Scottish Government today published crime figures for 2012-13.

The new figures demonstrate a significant rise in the level of sexual crime reported to the police, with 16% more rapes reported in the past year. While any increase of this size is worrying, it is hard to tell if the increase is due to the fact more rapes are taking place or because more survivors feel able to report what has happened to them. The police have taken considerable steps in recent years to improve people’s confidence that if they do report a sexual crime, they will be treated well and with sensitivity. It is likely that at least some of the increase in reported rapes is due to more people feeling able to come forward and speak to the police about what has happened to them.

You can see the full report "Recorded Crime in Scotland" here, and coverage in the Daily Record ("Scottish crime rate falls to lowest level on 39 years but concern voiced over rise in the number of rapes") here.