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Response To Conduct Of Brian McConnachie QC

This statement is in response to comments made by Brian McConnachie QC revealed in the Daily Record today.

“This situation and the unacceptable comments directed towards our Chief Executive expose a culture of misogyny amongst some members of the Faculty of Advocates and lay bare an environment where entitled, arrogant attitudes and behaviours are clearly present.

We have engaged in good faith with members of the Faculty to try to find common ground to improve the protections and rights of complainers of sexual crimes. For senior members of the Faculty to discuss our staff in such a sexist and demeaning way is deplorable.

Sexist attitudes like these should have no place within the legal profession. If senior QCs are comfortable conversing about someone they have held a professional external relationship with then this raises serious concerns about how they will behave towards other women they encounter, including women entering the profession, or women that they cross examine in sexual offence cases.

We are calling on the Faculty and other legal professional bodies on Scotland to commit to taking urgent action to address the misogynistic attitudes which clearly exist within the profession.” - Spokesperson for Rape Crisis Scotland

Joint Statement: Not In Our Name

In Scotland we have a proud history of protest, of raising our voices against the injustices that blight our society and speaking truth to power.

We – the undersigned – are proud to work in a country that values compassion and fairness. Though across our communities and sectors we work to achieve different things, today we are united in our opposition to the UK Government’s Nationality and Borders Bill.

We name the Nationality and Borders Bill for what it is: an anti-survivor law, an anti-refugee law, an anti-safety law. It is a gift to abusers and exploiters, and we have no doubt that it will harm survivors of sexual violence, gender-based violence and those who flee persecution. It will harm children and young people, increasingly the victims of forced displacement and exploitation in the world. It will harm all of us and our values.

This anti-survivor law betrays what has gone before.

The UK with many otherstates said never again. We resolved after the horrors of the Holocaust to establish an international legal system to protect the displaced, the persecuted, the refugees who need safety and to rebuild their lives. That is why we have a Refugee Convention. It is for survivors. It has protected millions of the most vulnerable in our world over generations, and that is something we should be proud of.

Statement in Response to Raith Rovers FC U-turn

There are no doubt unanswered questions and concerns here but the Scottish public should be proud that they made the terrible decision by Raith Rovers FC untenable.

We have been so heartened to see the response from fans, sponsors, staff and the women’s football team in particular – they have proved the power of speaking out against injustice and showed that in Scotland we want there to be zero tolerance of rape and rapists.

The Rape Crisis Movement in Scotland Stands in Opposition to the Nationality and Borders Bill

The Rape Crisis movement in Scotland stands together in opposition to the dangerous, dehumanising, and discriminatory Nationality and Borders Bill.

If implemented, this law would cause severe harms upon survivors of persecution and human rights abuse, including of sexual violence and trafficked exploitation.

It will mean that tens of thousands of people each year from countries with oppressive regimes, like Syria, Afghanistan or Iran, that kill, torture and subject people to abuse, including women and children, LGBT people and disabled people- will now be blocked from the UK asylum system and punished for seeking safety.

The regimes that refugees flee will not give them safety, never mind the option to apply for visas, which leaves them no choice but to arrive through lorries and boats. The Bill criminalises unofficial routes, and further seeks to categorise people seeking sanctuary as “Group 2” refugees, a dehumanising label.

Statement on Raith Rovers FC

“We are surprised and deeply disappointed that Raith Rovers FC are happy to send such a clear message of disregard to survivors of rape and sexual violence in signing David Goodwillie.

Fundamentally – though it seems Raith FC do not agree - women’s lives are more important than men’s talent or careers. Footballers are role models – particularly for young people – and it’s not okay to have someone in this position who has been found by a senior judge to be a rapist.

We wonder whether those who took this decision thought for a second about how it may look or feel to survivors to have to watch someone judged to have committed rape be celebrated and applauded.

This was a bad decision that sends entirely the wrong message, and it should be withdrawn.”

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