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Working to end sexual violence

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National Advocacy Project

National Advocacy Project

We know how difficult it can be to report what’s happened.

Whether or not to take that step is a big decision, but it’s not one you have rush into, and you are not alone.

If you want to find out what reporting would involve and talk it through, we are here for you to help with that.

In the four years since our National Advocacy Project was set up, specialist Advocacy Workers across Scotland have helped thousands of people to access justice.

Advocacy workers can provide support and information at every stage of the Criminal Justice System, from before a statement is made through to the resolution of a court case.

They can help to get updates regarding the progress of a case, provide information about special measures, and attend court with survivors.

They can also provide emotional support throughout the process and after court is finished.

You can read an evaluation report about the National Advocacy Project here.

This briefing tells you more about the National Advocacy Project. If you’d like to talk to us about advocacy support, please get in touch.

She was someone I trusted who would be with me through the whole process. There are so many people who ask a lot of questions and then move on, it’s nice to know you have one consistent person.
The support given through this devastating and traumatic time helped me so much. I could never have remained strong and focused without the support I received.
The support during the trial, knowing as well that I could contact her with any questions or concerns. Just having her listen to me when I was worried or anxious especially on the lead up to the trial was a huge help and to hear the words “you’re doing amazing” gave me the strength to keep going with it because those days were the worst I’ve ever experienced but with (worker’s) support I got through it.

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