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Working to end sexual violence

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Survivors Can't Wait



“No one should be raped or sexually assaulted but unfortunately it happens and there is no doubt in my mind that services like RCS are absolutely life saving.”

– A survivor

The support Rape Crisis Centres across Scotland offer can be truly lifesaving. When a survivor reaches out for that support, they need to receive it then. Not weeks or months later. But this is the reality facing too many survivors across Scotland.

In 2021, the Scottish Government delivered emergency funding to tackle waiting lists. But even with this funding, demand for lifesaving Rape Crisis support is outstripping the resources available to Rape Crisis Centres to serve survivors. This emergency funding is due to run out in March 2024. If it isn’t extended, 28 specialist Rape Crisis support workers will lose their jobs meaning survivors will be forced to wait even longer for support. We can’t accept this. 

Rape Crisis services are emergency services. They must be funded as such.

Our campaign is calling on the Scottish Government to:

  • Extend the emergency waiting list funding beyond March 2024 to save 28 jobs
  • Commit to long term sustainable funding for Rape Crisis Centres in Scotland

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