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Working to end sexual violence

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Our statement on the conclusion of the Emma Caldwell trial

The murder of Emma Caldwell was an appalling crime. Our thoughts are with Emma’s family and loved ones at this very difficult time. Our thoughts are also with the survivors of the sexual crimes which were committed by this perpetrator. We would like to pay tribute to the courage they demonstrated in coming forward and giving evidence in the trial.

Pilot scheme launched for survivors to access court transcripts for free

Survivors have campaigned for years for court transcripts from sexual offence cases to be made freely available to survivors. Today, the Scottish Government has announced details of a pilot scheme which will give survivors free access to their transcripts. This is a hugely significant step and is thanks to the tireless work of survivors who have been campaigning on this issue for years.

Until now, survivors of sexual violence had to pay very high fees, that were simply out of reach for many, to access court transcripts. These transcripts can help survivors have a full picture of what was said in court about their case, often including very personal details about their lives. Obtaining a transcript allows a survivor to see in black and white exactly what happened throughout the trial. Currently, many survivors are left without this after their case has concluded.

Our statement on the ongoing employment tribunal concerning Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre

As a national organisation working to end sexual violence, Rape Crisis Scotland works with a network of 17 member Rape Crisis Centres across Scotland. Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre is an autonomous member centre and as such, Rape Crisis Scotland was not involved in any of the circumstances leading to the tribunal and cannot comment on the proceedings, which are ongoing.

Survivors Can't Wait campaign launches


We hear time and time again from survivors just how valuable Rape Crisis support has been to them. The support Rape Crisis Centres offer can be truly lifesaving. When a survivor reaches out for support, it's crucial that they are able to receive it then. Not weeks or months later. But this is the reality facing too many survivors across Scotland. Demand for Rape Crisis support in Scotland has grown year upon year. But the resources available to meet this demand have not kept up. 

After over a decade of austerity, long waiting lists for essential services, including Rape Crisis, have become the norm. Being on a waiting list simply means not having access to a service. We cannot accept this.

The Survivors Can't Wait campaign is calling for: Rape Crisis Scotland is calling for 

  • An extension to emergency waiting list funding from the Scottish Government to protect 28 specialist jobs across the network 

  • A commitment from the Scottish Government to sustainable and long-term funding for Rape Crisis services 


Our full response to the Independent Strategic Review of Funding and Commissioning of VAWG Services

Rape Crisis Scotland and 16 member Rape Crisis Centres across Scotland have published a formal response to the Independent Strategic Review of Funding and Commissioning of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Services in Scotland.

The strategic review, published in June of this year, made several welcome recommendations for the funding of VAWG services. These include implementing a legal right to access of VAWG services, which would mean that such services are no longer dependent on short-term, precarious funding. However, we have serious concerns over the review’s potential unintended negative consequences for Rape Crisis Centres in Scotland.

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