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RCS support resources

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Coping after sexual violence

RCS support resource on coping after sexual violence

Filename: RCS-COPING-4th-PROOF.pdf
File size: 889KB
Tags: coping
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Healing from sexual violence

RCS support resource on healing from sexual violence

Filename: RCS-HEALING-4th-PROOF.pdf
File size: 862KB
Tags: healing
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RCS support resource on anger

Filename: RCS-ANGER-4th-PROOF.pdf
File size: 816KB
Tags: anger
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RCS support resource on dissociation

File size: 846KB
Tags: dissociation
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RCS support resource on flashbacks

Filename: RCS-FLASHBACKS-4th-PROOF.pdf
File size: 850KB
Tags: flashbacks
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Nightmares & sleep problems

RCS support resource on nightmares & sleep problems

Filename: RCS-NIGHTMARES-4th-PROOF.pdf
File size: 860KB
Tags: nightmares sleep
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Panic attacks

RCS support resource on panic attacks

File size: 852KB
Tags: panic attacks
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RCS support resource on relationships

File size: 850KB
Tags: relationships
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RCS support resource on self-harm

Filename: RCS-SELF-HARM-4th-PROOF.pdf
File size: 852KB
Tags: self-harm
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Sexual health

RCS support resource on sexual health

File size: 856KB
Tags: sexual health
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Suicidal thoughts & feelings

RCS support resource on suicidal thoughts & feelings

File size: 846KB
Tags: suicidal thoughts
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RCS support resource on trauma

Filename: RCS-TRAUMA-4th-PROOF.pdf
File size: 1584KB
Tags: trauma
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Rape & Sexual assault

Rape Crisis Scotland leaflet on rape & sexual assault

Filename: Rape--Sexual-Assault-booklet-revised-Aug-19.pdf
File size: 4402KB
Tags: rape, sexual violence
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Supporting LGBTI survivors of sexual violence

Rape Crisis Scotland support resource for LGBTI survivors of sexual violence - updated July 2019

Filename: Updated-RCS-LGBTI-BOOKLET-July-19.pdf
File size: 461KB
Tags: lgbti support
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RCS Helpline leaflet

What is sexual violence?
What can the RCS Helpline do for me?
How can I get in touch?
This leaflet answers these questions and more.

Filename: RCShelplineleaf0916-AW2nd-Proof.pdf
File size: 1764KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland rape sexual-violence
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Rape or sexual assault abroad

This leaflet is intended for survivors who have been assaulted overseas. The leaflet is written from 2 perspectives: that of a survivor who reported whilst still overseas but has subsequently returned to Scotland and that of a survivor who, having returned to Scotland, wishes to report an attack that happened abroad.

Filename: RCShelplineOSleaf-0814-AW.pdf
File size: 626KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Information for friends

Rape Crisis Scotland booklet is for people who are supporting a friend who has experienced any form of sexual violence.

Filename: RCS-003-Information-for-Friends-logos-back-WEB.pdf
File size: 683KB
Tags: family-and-friends
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Information for partners

Rape Crisis Scotland booklet for people who are supporting a partner who has experienced any form of sexual violence.

Filename: RCS-003-Information-for-Partners-logos-WEB.pdf
File size: 765KB
Tags: family-and-friends partners
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Information for parents

Rape Crisis Scotland booklet for any parent/carer whose child has experienced any form of sexual violence.

Filename: RCS-003-Information-for-Parents-logos-back-WEB.pdf
File size: 677KB
Tags: family-and-friends parents-and-carers
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Information for peers

Rape Crisis Scotland leaflet to help young people who are worried because their friend has been affected by some kind of sexual violence - for example if they have been raped or sexually assaulted or because they think someone is ‘grooming’ their friend, putting pressure on them for sex or threatening to post an explicit photo for everyone to see. These are common forms of sexual violence which can affect many young people.

Filename: RCS-003-Information-for-Peers-logos-back-WEB.pdf
File size: 669KB
Tags: family-and-friends peers
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Drug assisted sexual violence

Rape Crisis Scotland information leaflet on drug assisted sexual violence

Filename: 02-drug-01web.pdf
File size: 302KB
Tags: drugs sexual-violence
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Police & legal advice

Rape Crisis Scotland information leaflet on police & legal advice following sexual violence

Filename: 03-police-03web.pdf
File size: 301KB
Tags: legal
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Child sexual abuse

Rape Crisis Scotland information leaflet on child sexual abuse

Filename: 01-childabuse02web.pdf
File size: 307KB
Tags: child-sexual-abuse
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This leaflet looks at the nature of stalking, as well as its potential impact. It also gives details of the current Scottish legislation on stalking and outlines how this can help you if you are being stalked. Also covered is how to gather evidence, and safety considerations.

Filename: RCS-stalking-leaf-0713VIS2d.pdf
File size: 688KB
Tags: helpline stalking
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Looking for support?

Introduction to Rape Crisis Scotland support services in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Polish, Punjabi, Slovak and Urdu

Filename: RCS-support-leaf0610VIS.pdf
File size: 1882KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland