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Rape Crisis News 15: Celebrating Local Centres

Celebrating and showcasing the amazing range of work happening in rape crisis centres across the country. With contributions from the oldest centre (Glasgow) to the very newest services (Forth Valley, Orkney and Shetland) and many others, this issue looks at the support work, advocacy services, prevention initiatives, campaigns and projects helping survivors the length and breadth of Scotland and engaging with communities to help bring an end to sexual violence.


Filename: RCS-News-15.pdf
File size: 2869KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Rape Crisis News 14 : Special legal issue

Issue 14 of Rape Crisis News has a particular focus on legal matters, and appeared at a pivotal moment for survivors' rights.

The outcome of a judicial review published in the 12th February 2016 marked a significant step forward for the right to privacy of complainers in sexual offence cases, while the Evidence and Procedure Review initiated by Lord Carloway and published on 26th February 2016 offered some radical and welcome proposals for changes in the way that the justice system engages with children and vulnerable witnesses, including survivors of sexual offences. In an interview in this issue, Lord Carloway outlined some of the background to these potentially transformative proposals.

Filename: Legal-Issue-2016.compressed.pdf
File size: 1547KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Rape Crisis News 13: Student issue

Issue 13 of Rape Crisis News put students in the spotlight, and included several contributions from student journalists as well as an interview with NUS Scotland Women’s Officer Emily Beever. Ann Moulds looked at stalking on campus and its links with sexual crime; we also caught up with GU FemSoc & gained an insight into feminist perspectives at Glasgow University. Emma Cooper wrote about the barriers facing women studying & undertaking careers in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects, Sarah Young looked at sexual violence on campus, reviewed ‘The Hunting Ground’ and interviewed its director Kirby Dick. The issue also covered work undertaken by the local rape crisis centre in Aberdeen with students there. Artist Laura Callaghan allowed us to reproduce her fantastic illustration on the cover of this issue.

Filename: RCS-News-13-171215-2.pdf
File size: 1380KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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RCS Helpline leaflet

What is sexual violence?
What can the RCS Helpline do for me?
How can I get in touch?
This leaflet answers these questions and more.

Filename: RCShelplineleaf0916-AW2nd-Proof.pdf
File size: 1764KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland rape sexual-violence
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Rape Crisis News Issue 12

This issue is dedicated to Prevention initiatives and looks at a range of projects, initiatives and resources which aim to challenge and change deep-rooted cultural elements which allow violence against women and children to thrive.

Filename: RCS-News-12-080514-1-Final.pdf
File size: 4795KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Rape or sexual assault abroad

This leaflet is intended for survivors who have been assaulted overseas. The leaflet is written from 2 perspectives: that of a survivor who reported whilst still overseas but has subsequently returned to Scotland and that of a survivor who, having returned to Scotland, wishes to report an attack that happened abroad.

Filename: RCShelplineOSleaf-0814-AW.pdf
File size: 626KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Rape Crisis News Issue 11

This issue celebrates courage and resilience in the aftermath of sexual violence as well as the power of mutual support, creativity, education and campaigning for change.

Filename: RCS-News-11.pdf
File size: 3883KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Rape Crisis News Issue 10

This issue of Rape Crisis News looks at campaigning and activism against sexual violence.

Filename: RCS-News-10-web.pdf
File size: 4585KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland campaigns
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Rape Crisis News - Issue 9

A new issue of Rape Crisis News for Winter 2011/12, looking at various aspects of the Scottish criminal justice system's response to rape.

Filename: RCS-News-9-191211-2.pdf
File size: 3390KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Rape Crisis Scotland and Women's Support Project News Issue 8

Rape Crisis and the Women's Support Project have produced a newsletter jointly, looking at sexualisation and commercial sexual exploitation.

Filename: Rape-Crisis-News-8.pdf
File size: 2881KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland sexualisation
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Rape Crisis News Issue 7: Winter 07/08

Rape Crisis in Scotland: issues, resources & aspirations: RCS timeline; Interview with Stewart Maxwell; RCS National Helpline; Glasgow Rape Crisis – Interview with Isabelle Kerr; WRASAC Perth & Kinross; Interview with DCI Louise Raphael; Sexual history & character evidence

Filename: RCSNews7.pdf
File size: 329KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Rape Crisis News Issue 6: Autumn 2006

International Issue – contributions from South Africa, Finland, Canada, France, Australia, France, Switzerland, Israel, Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal & USA

Filename: RCSNews6.pdf
File size: 1159KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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This Is Not An Invitation To Rape Me: Final Evaluation Report

The Final Evaluation Report of Rape Crisis Scotland's national public awareness campaign "This Is Not An Invitation To Rape Me".

Filename: TINAITRM-final-evaluation.pdf
File size: 562KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Rape Crisis News Issue 5: Summer 2006

Rape, sexual assault & the law in Scotland; Vulnerable Witnesses Act; Interview with Gerry Maher, Scottish Law Commission; VIA; Crown Office Review; SARC

Filename: RCSNews5.pdf
File size: 515KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Independent legal representation for complainers in sexual offence trials: a research report

RCS commissioned this research against a backdrop where there have been long standing concerns about the response of the Scottish legal system to complainers of sexual offences. Women in contact with rape crisis centres do not speak highly of their experience of the justice process. Particular difficulties arise in relation to their status as a witness of the crime perpetrated against them, and the role of the Crown Office in acting in the public interest: women consistently tell rape crisis that they feel throughout the process that there is no one representing their interests.

This report considers the features of Scottish criminal procedure and evidence that exacerbate the problems currently facing complainers and that shape the response the criminal justice system can currently make. It explores how independent legal representation operates in other jurisdictions and considers the feasibility of its introduction in Scotland.

Filename: IndLegalRepReport-2010.pdf
File size: 552KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Rape Crisis News Issue 4: Winter 05/06

Speaking the truth, shattering the myths – awareness raising posters in Aberdeen; New research into use of sexual history evidence; Amnesty survey; Scottish Executive stance on prostitution; Consultation on extreme pornography

Filename: RCSNews4.pdf
File size: 461KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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This Is Not An Invitation To Rape Me testing report

Report on testing carried out by Progressive on behalf of Rape Crisis Scotland prior to the running of the campaign

Filename: TINAITRM-Testing-Report.pdf
File size: 970KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Use of sexual history and character evidence in sexual offence trials, RCS Briefing Paper, 2008

An overview of the impact and use of sexual history and character evidence in sexual offence trials, and of the effectiveness of legislation currently in place which was intended to limit this.

Filename: sexual-history-evidence.pdf
File size: 527KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Rape Crisis News Issue 3: Winter 04/05

Rape law reform; Solicitor General on rape; Feasibility study on National Helpline; Judith Herman seminar report

Filename: RCSNews3.pdf
File size: 421KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Rape Crisis News Issue 2: Summer 2004

Two New Rape Crisis Centres; Women’s voices, women’s lives – Drugged and raped; Cool feminism

Filename: RCSNews2.pdf
File size: 333KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Looking for support?

Introduction to Rape Crisis Scotland support services in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Polish, Punjabi, Slovak and Urdu

Filename: RCS-support-leaf0610VIS.pdf
File size: 1882KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Rape Crisis News Issue 1: Spring 2004

Funding for Rape Crisis Scotland; Legal updates; Working with refugees & asylum seekers; Review: Lilya 4ever; Problems with Rape Trauma Syndrome in criminal trials

Filename: RCSNews1.pdf
File size: 471KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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The pros and cons of providing dedicated sexual violence services: a literature review

Rape Crisis Scotland (RCS) commissioned this literature review in the context of considering the extent to which the national RCS helpline is integrated with local rape crisis centres in Scotland.

This is connected to development work by RCS to clearly specify how the organisation, national and locally, supports survivors of sexual violence and how that might be quality assured. This is important for ensuring high quality services but also for considering future funding in a context of reduced resources and in which other organisations, generic and specialist, also support survivors of sexual violence.

The review considers the pros and cons of providing dedicated sexual violence services. It also summarises information about the nature of sexual violence; the response in Scotland; and what survivors want.

Filename: SVservices-lit-review-1.pdf
File size: 250KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland
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Support for survivors of sexual violence: the rape crisis response

This report outlines the findings of a review into rape crisis services in Scotland. The review considered the nature of the rape crisis support services available to survivors, the effectiveness of these services and gaps in current provision.

Filename: Support-for-survivors-report.pdf
File size: 456KB
Tags: rape-crisis-scotland

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