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National Sexual Violence Prevention Programme

The Rape Crisis Scotland national sexual violence prevention programme NSVPP1was developed in 2012 as a primary prevention resource for young people in education and youth settings. Following expansion in 2018, Rape Crisis- led prevention work will now be available across the vast majority of Scotland by 2020.

The programme is funded by the Scottish Government Children, Young People and Families Early Intervention Fund and the Scottish Government Violence Against Women and Girls Fund until March 2020.

The programme is designed with reference to the body of research into issues of sexual violence affecting young people, addressing a wide range of forms of sexual violence. Our sessions are broken down into seven topics, and each is adapted for four different age or stage groups.

Young people are asking for more spaces to talk about sex and relationships, and our prevention programme forms a key part of this. Our evidence based resource pack has been externally evaluated by DMSS Resource and Consultancy, and the findings on strength of impact indicate that the programme is very effective in changing knowledge and attitudes among young people. You can read the evaluation here and see a sample of the resource pack here. This resource has been designed to complement the work of schools and other education providers in working towards the Curriculum for Excellence and national Benchmarks for Personal and Social Education. Prevention workers are based in local Rape Crisis centres, and will plan programmes in partnership with schools and youth groups to best meet their needs.

Rape Crisis prevention work places a strong emphasis on young people’s NSVPP2participation and leadership. There are opportunities outside of workshops to get involved in local campaigning, fundraising, resource development and other projects; we aim to help young people gain platforms to address the issues that matter to them in tackling sexual violence. Please contact your local centre for more information (see links below).

The programme plays an important role in contributing to children’s rights as set under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, in particular article 19- the right to protection from violence, abuse and neglect; article 34- the right to protection from sexual abuse and exploitation; and article 2- the right to non- discrimination. You can find out more about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child here.

For information on prevention work in your area, you can follow the links below to contact centres directly, or contact Isla Guild at Rape Crisis Scotland with a general enquiry.

TESSA Project ( Argyll and Bute Rape Crisis)

Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre

Fife Rape and Sexual Assault Centre

Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre

Lanarkshire Rape Crisis Centre

Orkney Rape and Sexual Assault Service

Rape Crisis Grampian

RASAC Youth Initiative Perth and Kinross

RASASH (Rape & Sexual Abuse Service Highland)

Rosey Project, Glasgow Rape Crisis Centre

Scottish Borders Rape Crisis Centre

Shetland Rape Crisis

South West Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre

STAR Centre Ayrshire

Western Isles Rape Crisis Centre

Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre Dundee


Interviews and feedback from teachers for our external evaluation found that 97% agreed that young people were highly engaged in the sessions, and 99% agreed that the materials were age appropriate. 93% agreed that the sessions had clear links to the curriculum for excellence.

94% young people agreed or strongly agreed that they should have education on these issues. They identified the importance of the sessions being delivered by someone approachable, with relevant expertise, and independent of the school. The workshop leader not being a teacher at the school seemed especially important.

What teachers have said about the workshops

· I have always received a very positive response from the pupils who found the sessions informative and helpful

· The workshop was well received by pupils. They found it relevant and felt it was helpful in highlighting myths around sexual behaviour

· We have done sessions recently on diversity, specifically LGBT+ and things learnt have come out through this

· I had a pupil reporting unwanted sexual behaviour by another pupil. The realisation that this does not have to be endured and also the confidence to report it was as a result of participating in the workshop

What young people have said about the workshops

· It was reassuring that I know everyone knows how it feels to be pressured by social media and society’s perfect image

· Didn’t realise some things were illegal – like slapping bum in the street. If you said no, then it’s rape – don’t think most boys realise that – feel that most don’t take it seriously

· Boosts your confidence to talk about it if it’s happened to you

· Normally sessions are with teachers and nobody wants to open up to them in case they tell another teacher. (Worker) was good cos she was from outside and didn’t have preconceptions

Young people on being involved in Rape Crisis participatory work and activism

· It has made a big impact on how I view myself, my place in the world and being an activist. It has shifted my view towards the world and my aim to make the world a better and more understanding place

· My debating skills have developed so there’s a much stronger feminist voice in my household and friendship group! I also feel really confident meeting new people as I’ve done it through this and made valuable friendships

· Being involved keeps my confidence up and I’ve made so many really amazing friends who mean a lot to me. I’ve also had to question some of my own views and have developed critical thinking skills particularly when it comes to interpreting the media

· I feel more confident, I feel proud of being a part of something like it and i feel all round like a happier, better person


Evaluation: https://www.rapecrisisscotland.org.uk/resources/final-evaluation-report-26-04.pdf

Resource pack: https://www.rapecrisisscotland.org.uk/resources/RCS-Preventing-Sexual-Violence-Sample-Version1.pdf

UNCRC: https://www.unicef.org.uk/what-we-do/un-convention-child-rights/

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