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The Rape Crisis Movement in Scotland Stands in Opposition to the Nationality and Borders Bill

The Rape Crisis movement in Scotland stands together in opposition to the dangerous, dehumanising, and discriminatory Nationality and Borders Bill.

If implemented, this law would cause severe harms upon survivors of persecution and human rights abuse, including of sexual violence and trafficked exploitation.

It will mean that tens of thousands of people each year from countries with oppressive regimes, like Syria, Afghanistan or Iran, that kill, torture and subject people to abuse, including women and children, LGBT people and disabled people- will now be blocked from the UK asylum system and punished for seeking safety.

The regimes that refugees flee will not give them safety, never mind the option to apply for visas, which leaves them no choice but to arrive through lorries and boats. The Bill criminalises unofficial routes, and further seeks to categorise people seeking sanctuary as “Group 2” refugees, a dehumanising label.

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